Random Goodness

Happy spring…?

We’ve had a few weeks of good eating in this house.  But instead of dedicating an entire post to someone else’s recipe, I’ll give you a smattering of what I’ve been cooking lately, because I feel the need to share this awesomeness with you.

Let’s begin with Balanced Bite’s buffalo chicken egg muffins.  Sounded odd to me, but they were easy, portable, tasty packages of protein.  A muffin with a core of shredded chicken.  How did I live without these?  I used the leftover chicken in a salad, which was also dope.  The family enjoyed it.  But no muffins, those were all mine.


The salad.  Nom nom.


I’ll throw eggs on anything and call it breakfast.  I baked some salmon the night before in a marinade of honey, coconut aminos, and grated ginger and garlic.  The asparagus was roasted alongside it with some herb butter, salt, and pepper.  I made some scrambled eggs with homemade pesto (recipe from from Well Fed), and here we have a quick, shmancy breakfast.  Get rid of those leftovers!


I discovered purple Brussels sprouts.  My favorite way to cook any color is to de-stem, quarter, and steam/ sauté them in a pan with bacon fat, salt, pepper, sliced garlic (or garlic powder), and thyme.  Let them get browned and steamed until they’re fork tender, and that’s it.  Somehow I enjoy this method better than roasting sprouts, which is all the rage.  Scrambled eggs on top = one of my favorite breakfasts.


My friend accidentally received a duplicate order of Melissa Joulwan’s  Well Fed in the mail, and lucky me, I got the extra one!  I couldn’t believe how much yet another paleo book helped me out.  Melissa is all about the “weekly cook-up,” where you spend one day prepping most of your food for the week so you don’t end up hangry and desperate to get dinner on the table.  Sounds obvious, right?  Well, Captain Obvious herself needed that advice.  I tried several recipes, and here is her chocolate chili.  I made it with turkey, and it was earthy, easy, and fabulous.


I tried getting into smoothies a few months ago – don’t know why, I was never a smoothie person – thus I had packets of acai puree sitting in my freezer.  They’re all high-energy and high-antioxidant goodness.  I took some inspiration from Sambazon and made an acai bowl.  I blended the puree with 1/2 banana, almond milk, chia and hemp seeds and coconut, then topped it with Steve’s Original paleokrunch granola.  Unbelievably good.  I am now addicted, and experimenting with different fruits and toppings.  It’s cool, creamy, and refreshing.  I might eat these every day in the summer.


I know, I know… another banana bread recipe.  But this family is always producing brown bananas, so apparently that’s my burden to bear.  But this is my new favorite.  PaleOMG’s banana bread coffee cake is moist, sweet, and so easy to make.  I just made a few changes – used walnuts in the topping, and baked it in a flat pan (but the baking time was about the same).  I was really angry when someone ate the last piece (I actually screamed).  I later found out it was my baby nephew.  He can eat whatever he wants.  But seriously, try this!  And then try a piece with coconut cream on top.



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